Relatives: Earendil (father), Elwing (mother), Elros (twin brother), Elladan and Elrohir (sons, twins), Arwen Undomiel (daughter), Celebrian (Wife)
Sex: Male
Age/Year of Birth: First Age: 532

Brief Background:

First Age:

Elrond is the great-grandson of Luthien, the daughter of Thingol, King of Doriath and Melian the Maia. He and his twin brother Elros were born in the refuge of the Havens of Sirion in Beleriand, late in the First Age. They were captured and raised by Maedhros and Magloar, the sons of Feanor.

Second Age:

In the early Second Age, Elros became the first king of Numenor while Elrond remained in Lindon and became the captain and herald of Gil-Galad, the High King of the Noldor. Around the year 1695 of the Second Age, Gil-Galad sent Elrond to Eregion to protect the city from Sauron’s forces. Elrond’s army was too weak to defeat Sauron and he, along with Celeborn, was forced to retreat north with his host, where they kept a close watch on Sauron’s activities.

Two years later, Elrond founded Rivendell at the feet of the Misty Mountains. The combined forces of the elves, under Gil-Galad, Cirdan, Elrond and the Men of Numenor defeated Sauron in the year 1701 of the Second Age. Shortly after, the first White Council was held in Rivendell, which was attended by Galadriel. It was decided at this council that the three rings of power held by Gil-Galad and Galadriel would remain hidden – there is some suggestion that the ring Vilya was given to Elrond by Gil-Galad at this council, but it is possible that Gil-Galad may have kept possession Narya and Vilya until the end of the Second Age. Elrond also meets Celebrain, the daughter of Celeborn and Galadriel for the first time at this meeting.

Towards the end of the Second Age, the free peoples of Middle-Earth formed a Last Alliance of Elves and Men in an attempt to defeat Sauron for good. Elrond once again took up his role as Gil-Galad’s herald and the Last Alliance set out from Rivendell to Mordor in the year 3431 of the Second Age. The Alliance also included elves from Lorien, Men from Anor and Gondor and dwarves led by Durin IV. They defeated Sauron’s army and laid siege to Barad-dur for seven years. Sauron himself was defeated by Elendil and Gil-Galad, giving Isildur the opportunity to cut the One Ring from Sauron’s finger and claim it for himself. Upon learning that Isildur had taken possession of the One Ring, Elrond urged him to throw the Ring into the Fires of Mount Doom, but Isildur refused, claiming the ring as a Weregild for the loss of his father and brother in the Battle. Elrond acknowledged his claim and returned to Rivendell.

Third Age

In the year 109 of the Third Age, Elrond married Celebrain and the twins, Elladan and Elrohir were born in the year 130 of the Third Age. This was followed by the birth of a daughter in the year, 241, when Arwen Undomiel was born. Saddness struck in the year, 2510 of the Third Age when Celebrain was attacked by a band of orcs as she journeyed in the Misty Mountains, and unable to recover from her ordeal, took a ship to the Undying Lands. In 2933 of the Third Age, Elrond forstered Aragorn, son of Arathorn after his father’s death. Elrond revealed to Aragorn his heritage when the lad reached his coming of age. As a member of the White Council, Elrond was a friend of Gandalf the Grey and assisted Thorin Oakenshield during his quest to regain Erebor by translating the Moon Letters on Thorin’s Map.

Elrond sent out riders to guide Frodo and his companions to Rivendell. Glorfindel was successful in finding Frodo and brought him to Rivendell, where he treated Frodo for the wound he’d received from the Morgul blade inflicted on him by the Witch-King. On 25th of October of the same year, Elrond held the great Council to decide what should be done with the One Ring and chose members of the Fellowship to accompany Frodo on the quest to destroy it.

Elrond sent Elladan and Elrohir with the Rangers of the North to Rohan and gives them the message to advise Aragorn to take the Paths of the Dead.

Elrond remained in Rivendell until the destruction of the One Ring and of Sauron, after which he traveled to Minas Tirith to hand over the Sceptre of Annuminas to King Elessar (Aragorn) and give Arwen Undomiel away to be married.

On the 29th of September, 3021 of the Third Age, Elrond left Middle-earth to go to the Undying Lands with the other Ring-bearers, never to return.

Written by Icewolf