Rings of Power

Rings of Power:

The Rings of the Elves

Narya – worn by Cirdan (later Gandalf)
Nenya – worn by Galadriel
Vilya – worn by Gil-Galad (later Elrond)

The Rings of the Dwarves

Longbeards – Ring of Salubrity – given to Durin III ^
Firebeards – Ring of Temerity – given to Dwári *
Broadbeams – Ring of Artifice – given to Brúni *
Ironfists – Ring of Guile – given to Darsha *
Stiffbeards – Ring of Retribution – given to Riimukäsi *
Blacklocks – Ring of Fury – given to Balli Goldeneye *
Stonefoots – Ring of Accretion – given to Malin IV *

The Rings of Men (Ringwraiths)

Ringwraiths on Tolkien Gateway | Ringwraiths on the LOTR Wiki

Minya or the Ring of Ire – worn by the Númenórean, Mûrazôr of Andúnie (The Witch-King of Angmar, First of the Nazgûl) + Tolkien Gateway
Attëa or the Ring of Rancor – worn by the Easterling Lord, Khamûl, (Second of the Nazgûl) ^ Tolkien Gateway
Neldëa or the Ring of Terror – worn by the High Lord Dwâr of Waw, (Third of the Nazgûl) *
Cantëa – worn by King Indûr of Koronande, (Fourth of the Nine) *
Lempeä – worn by the Númenórean Lord from the South, Akhôrahil, (Fifth of the Nazgûl) *
Enqueä – worn by King Hôarmûrath of Urd, (the Ice-King), (Sixth of the Nazgûl) *
Otsëa – worn by the fallen Númenórean Knight, Adûnaphel, (Seventh of the Nazgûl) *
Toldëa – worn by the ‘wizard’ Rên, (Eighth of the Nazgûl) *
Nerteä or the Ring of Savagery – worn by King Ûvathar of Khand (Ninth of the Nazgûl) *

Sauron´s Ring

The Ruling Ring – Also known as The One Ring and The Master-Ring

* Indicates lore taken from the Middle-Earth Role-Playing Game
^ Canon lore, but the name given to the ring is non-canonical
+ The name of the ring, name given to the character and original home of the character is non-canonical